Architectural Metals

Architectural Metal - Steel StructuresArchitectural Metals by Alpha Door and Rail

Alpha Door and Rail architectural metals are avaliable in variety of styles and finishes. We have anodized aluminium in clear, black, and dark bronze, as well as satin and polished satinless steel and brass.

Below is a chart of Standard architectural metals finishes.

U.S. Standard FinishB.H.M.A. Standard FinishDescription
313Dark Bronze Anodized
335Black Anodized
U.S. 3605Polished Brass
U.S. 4606Satin Brass
U.S. 5609Antique Brass
U.S. 9611Polished Bronze
U.S. 10612Satin Bronze
U.S. 10B613Oil Rubbed Bronze
U.S. 9MPolished Muntz
U.S. 10MSatin Muntz
U.S. 26625Polished Chrome
U.S. 26D626Satin Chrome
U.S. 28628Clear Anodized
U.S. 32629Polished Satinless Steel
U.S. 32D630Satin Satinless Steel