Aluminum Clad Doors

Aluminum Clad DoorsAluminum Clad Doors in Texas

Clad aluminum doors are perfect when a project calls for the elegance of polished muntz, the sparkle of stainless steel or the richness of bronze. Materials range from .032″ to .060″ thick in both satin and mirror finishes. Muntz metal, a 60/40 composition alloy, yields a bright gold appearance. Stainless steel, a 304 alloy, does not rust and maintains a bright finish. Commercial bronze, a CDA 230 alloy, tarnishes rapidly for a weathered appearance. Clad aluminum doors are available in narrow, medium, or wide stile models and are designed to accept tempered, laminated, or insulated glass ranging in size from 1/4″ to 1″ thick.

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